A Brief on Organic and Paid SEO and How they Influence the Growth of a Business

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Organic SEO and PPC

Search engine optimization is the technique through which a webpage is made to rank higher in the search engine result page or simply SERPs. There are various ways in which SEO can be carried out but it has been briefly categorized into two methods- Organic and PPC (Pay Per Click). Optimization which naturally places a webpage on the search result pages is called Organic SEO. Generally, this type of SEO includes analysis and use of keywords in the URL and Meta tags in the HTML code, back linking and building of link which promotes the link popularity submission of contents for the internet readers. Organic SEO is also called natural link building strategy as it does not require any amount to be paid as long as you are doing it on your own. Search Engine Optimization can be viewed as an internet marketing strategy as it studies how the search engines work and plans the methods accordingly.

 Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization:

  • Improved search result ranking is achieved without investing anything on SEO.
  • The webmaster does not have to resort to any spamming and unethical practices but still gets good results.
  • As the search ranking of the website increases, the popularity of the website and so the business also gets enhanced

The Paid SEO – PPC and How it works?

 PPC stands for pay per click. It is an internet marketing technique where the links are posted on various websites and the owner of the website is paid every time the user clicks the advertisement link. PPC can be understood as the money spent on diverting the traffic through advertisement. You must have seen ads of e-commerce websites on the websites. These ads when clicked by a user redirect the user to the website. These PPC advertisements are also called banner ads.

 Benefits reaped by PPC model of SEO:

 The ad publisher has to pay only if the ad is clicked.

  • Sponsored ad, another form of PPC appears on the search result page above the organic results.
  • E-commerce companies have gained a lot through PPC as the users are directly taken to the shopping sites.

Hope with this brief information about SEO and PPC you will atleast get an exposure of what exactly both terms mean. Share your thoughts about website optimization and paid links/PPC here in comments.

You can get an overview of PPC from Wordstream PPC a quick guide or know about SEO more from Moz.


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