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Why is Email Marketing So Important?

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As the world of internet is continuing to develop, the email marketing services have gained popularity too. It is becoming essential for any online business. Instead of spending time on the marketing of products that just end up in the trash cans, it is time to work on some effective email marketing campaigns that can be attention grabbing. That’s when you are going to need professional email  campaign marketing companies.

Email marketing is a tool that can allow you to see whether people read your emails or not, what do they like about your emails and what products they seek to buy after reading your emails. For any business that is offering products or services, working on email marketing is as essential as anything else. Today, email marketing is integrated with social networking, so companies don’t have to spend extra money on working on email marketing differently. Through the social media outlets, you can get to know whom are the people who have subscribed and who have not. This can let you focus on targeting the most appropriate audience.

If you think you do not need the services of the email marketing company read the following benefits of and learn what you might be missing:

  • Email marketing is considered to be the most effective online marketing technique. This tool can let you work on your return on investment.
  • You can reach your email subscribers and target them according to their interest without wasting time and resources.
  • Half of the internet users check their emails every day. They will happen to check your email too and it might convince them for making a purchase.
  • You can reach customers with dynamic, personalized and the most relevant messages with email marketing.
  • With the transactional emails, you can respond to your valued customers automatically for discounts and other offers.

You will be underestimating the power of the services offered by email marketing companies if you neglected them.


E-mail Marketing – Why most People Treat it as Spam ?

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The Truth of E-mail Marketing 

 As the Internet has grown tremendously over a period of 10 years, the businesses find it ideal for advertisement of the products and services. The advertisements posted on the internet reach millions of people and thus affects the business a lot. A right online marketing may lead to higher ROI by lead generation and converting prospects to consumers. E-mail marketing is a type of online marketing in which ads are sent on the e-mails of the prospects with description of the services and the products and a link to either connect to the dealer or the service provider or online store in case of an e-commerce portal. Spamming is closely associated with e-mail marketing and many believe that it is a part of phishing attack/spamming. Any unsolicited e-mail that advertises about any service and product line qualifies as spam. If the user did not sign up to receive such e-mails, they will be categorised as spam. Spam are usually bulk e-mail sent to users who did not request such e-mails.

  • E-mail marketing, contrary to popular opinion, is not only about spamming.
  • If the user has opted for receiving e-mails, it is not categorised under spamming.

Benefits of Opt-in E-mails

The e-mails that are sent when the user has opted for it by signing in and furnishing his e-mail details and also accepting that he wishes to receive the e-mail are legitimate and also upholds the reputation of the company. Opt-in e-mail marketing not only lets you build good reputation among the prospects but also helps you in targeting only those consumers that are genuinely interested. This leads to better conversion rates and thus benefits the business in the long run. Opt-in email marketing is always better that spamming on various fronts.

Advantages of opt-in e-mail marketing over spamming:

  • Safeguards the reputation of the e-mail marketing of the company
  • Helps connect to people who have shown interest
  • The customers understand that the company values their privacy which is not in the case of spamming.
  • More targeted campaigns.
  • A long term and healthy relation with the customers.

How many of you find Email irritating and treat them as a Junk or spamming? I hope most of you get annoyed with this technique but sometimes its better to have it but only when you have agreed to receive frequent E-mails. What your opinion about it ? Share your views.