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Reasons for Growing Popularity of SEO Companies in India

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SEO Companies IndiaSearch Engine Optimization services have become incredibly popular today, and nearly every online business has ties with one SEO service provider or another. Part of the reason behind the almost ubiquitous presence of SEO today is that people have recognized the importance of natural traffic, and just how beneficial organic search ranking can be for any business. While this certainly explains the popularity of website optimization companies in general, but have you ever wondered why so many global businesses prefer to hire internet marketing companies that are based in India? In fact often a number of foreign companies pick Indian companies over the one that’s present in their own country. There are many reasons for this. Here’s why:

1)      Cost Effectiveness: The biggest reason Indian SEO companies are so popular? Because they are cheaper! It is a solid business decision to hire a company that costs you less, and the charges levied by such organizations based in India are often lower than what international companies charge for the same set of services. Common sense dictates that a business minimise spending and pick the most cost effective method of doing something, and when it comes to marketing things online, so the choice is obvious.

2)      Quality with Satisfaction is Assured: There is a flip side to something being cheap. People automatically assume that something may not be of very good quality just because it is priced lower. Internet marketing companies India however prove this wrong. They have consistently provided top notch search engine optimization services to companies from every corner of the world, and achieved great results for their clients. The fact that India has some of the best IT professionals in the world goes a long way in ensuring that here you can always have access to trained and highly capable individuals.

3)      Pre-packaged Services: Most businesses prefer to hand over all their work in a certain field to a single company. Web Development and Website Optimization often go hand in hand, and Website development Companies in India regularly offer SEO services as well, making it very convenient for a business. These Website development Companies offer attractive packages that include web development and search engine optimization services, thus making it a great option for any business that is looking to outsource its website related work to India.

Apart from these points there are many things that need to be compared before taking search engine optimization services from the one who guarantees you the best work in this field. Research and go through the best online marketing services before you take any decision.


The World of Social Media – Top 5 Platforms You Must Adopt

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Social media has taken the world by storm in the recent times. With many new social media websites coming in and many going into oblivion, people are even more hooked on to these websites. These websites have moved out of the confines of being merely a tool to connect with friends and hangout online and have transformed into a platform that has proven to be very effective in connecting professionals, artists and like-minded people and contributing in everyone’s growth. Websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc have helped people voice their grievances, ideas and constructive criticism and made people aware. These websites have turned out to be a platform where even a trivial individual can put across his views and ideas and attract people to follow it and create a revolution in the process.

  • The role of social media websites has been pivotal in shaping the society as it is today.
  • They have made people aware and have given importance to each and everyone.

Top 5  Social Media Platforms

These social media platforms have been instrumental in making the youth aware and have drawn the ageing population towards internet thus making the world virtually younger.

  •  Facebook: Facebook was started as a tool to connect to friends and like minded people and gradually transformed into a strong platform to voice the concerns and making groups and pages to propagate an ideology or community.


  • Google+ : Google+replaced Orkut, a social media website by Google. It is slowly gaining pace and as Google is into everything that exists on internet, people are automatically made a member of the site once they use Google mail. Hangout is a feature of Google+ that is used for video conferencing.


  • LinkedIn: It is a website that connects professionals of different fields. It has now become a popular platform for to engage with business professionals and like minded people to help your business grow.


  • Pinterest: This online platform lets you upload images and other media content and create ideas through them. They are like personal media platform. You can pin your images and create/join boards to share everything you want.


  • Twitter: Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging platforms to send across views and ideas. It is famous amongst world leader and prominent personalities of the world.




Now Its your Turn

These are the top recommendation from Us. I would Like to know What are your Social Media platforms to transform your business and How they help you in gaining traffic? Share your Thoughts freely.

E-mail Marketing – Why most People Treat it as Spam ?

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The Truth of E-mail Marketing 

 As the Internet has grown tremendously over a period of 10 years, the businesses find it ideal for advertisement of the products and services. The advertisements posted on the internet reach millions of people and thus affects the business a lot. A right online marketing may lead to higher ROI by lead generation and converting prospects to consumers. E-mail marketing is a type of online marketing in which ads are sent on the e-mails of the prospects with description of the services and the products and a link to either connect to the dealer or the service provider or online store in case of an e-commerce portal. Spamming is closely associated with e-mail marketing and many believe that it is a part of phishing attack/spamming. Any unsolicited e-mail that advertises about any service and product line qualifies as spam. If the user did not sign up to receive such e-mails, they will be categorised as spam. Spam are usually bulk e-mail sent to users who did not request such e-mails.

  • E-mail marketing, contrary to popular opinion, is not only about spamming.
  • If the user has opted for receiving e-mails, it is not categorised under spamming.

Benefits of Opt-in E-mails

The e-mails that are sent when the user has opted for it by signing in and furnishing his e-mail details and also accepting that he wishes to receive the e-mail are legitimate and also upholds the reputation of the company. Opt-in e-mail marketing not only lets you build good reputation among the prospects but also helps you in targeting only those consumers that are genuinely interested. This leads to better conversion rates and thus benefits the business in the long run. Opt-in email marketing is always better that spamming on various fronts.

Advantages of opt-in e-mail marketing over spamming:

  • Safeguards the reputation of the e-mail marketing of the company
  • Helps connect to people who have shown interest
  • The customers understand that the company values their privacy which is not in the case of spamming.
  • More targeted campaigns.
  • A long term and healthy relation with the customers.

How many of you find Email irritating and treat them as a Junk or spamming? I hope most of you get annoyed with this technique but sometimes its better to have it but only when you have agreed to receive frequent E-mails. What your opinion about it ? Share your views.

Discover Unknown Facts about Online Marketing Companies

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We still see people who are curious about the whole online marketing trend. Although this marketing is not new, there are people who want to know everything about it as it is fast catching up and proving to be beneficial too.

About Online Marketing

Many business owners are now seeing fewer returns with the traditional form of marketing like magazines, newspapers, billboards, television, etc. The new way of exploring the market is through internet marketing and a new way to expand business as well. There are many benefits that can be seen today.

Internet marketing is all about how you portray your business to the world and the way you attract potential customers. As the internet has become a very important factor in the lives, everyone these days is online for some or the other reason. This is the place where people get to see what is happening in the world and the way it is changing. Basically online marketing is a tool that is used to get the name of the company out to the public. It works on strategies developed by various website development and designing companies present in the market of this emerging field.

The company should first develop a website and then display the products and the service that it is going to provide to the customers. The way it promotes the business is the essential factor.

How does it Work?

Online marketing combines creative aspects like designing, sales, development and advertising. Online marketing places ads throughout the internet world where they can get potential customers. There are different types of marketing like email marketing, affiliate marketing, mass internet marketing, social media marketing, and niche marketing. Generally a combination of various types is used to get the best results. And now Digital Marketing has spread across the world to get the maximum benefits and reach the potential customers.

Today’s social media marketing companies generates large traffic to the website by various means like links, leads and ads. The visitor will click and reaches your website. The more clicks your website gets, the ranks will be increased in search engine optimization. This helps as browsers will then get to see the website most often and click.

All this needs proper strategy, plan and good layout. The website should be attractive enough with creative content written in it and provides the necessary details so that it is helpful for the customer who gets whatever he/she is searching for. A happy customer will always come back and buy more.

Lastly, what matters is the right online internet marketing company and SEO service provider who has the right knowledge about where to place the ads and how effective it is.